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Camera Viewing

View all of your Los Angeles security cameras on a single screen or one at a time, selectively stream video, pan and tilt, cover multiple angles of a room or move the cameras around the premises whenever you want.

Our CCTV security cameras installation includes programming of advance features.

We offer a variety of security cameras to suit the individual needs of your Los Angeles home or business surveillance system.

From hidden or covert cameras to Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.

Keep in mind that not all cameras are the same there are many factors that must be carefully evaluated.

We will be happy to conduct and make recommendation of what type of camera and lens you would need to properly monitor your small or large business or your home.

We don't want to bore you with all the requirement of selecting a proper camera and lens however you should be aware that here are some of the factors must be considered


The ratio between different size formats (chip sizes) can be used to calculate apparent focal length. Security Camera Lenses appear to become more telephoto (greater focal

length) when a larger formatted lens (ie. 2/3")is used on a smaller formatted camera (1/2").

To find the ratio between two different size formats divide the smaller formats diagonal line by the larger formats diagonal:

Focal length of the camera  is measured in millimeters and is defined as the distance between the image plane

(surface of chip or tube) and the theoretical center (nodal point) of the lens.

As the focal length of the lens increases , the area being viewed decreases (becomes more telephoto).

Focal length may be fixed (fixed field of view) or variable (variable field of view using a zoom lens).


This chart reads the percentage of light that is lost as you move from wider aperture settings to smaller ones., To use: First find-your starting f-stop

number (match your lenses f number with the top line of the, chart). Now as you read down the column notice the f numbers increase. Each step down

indicates a 50% loss of light (extreme left column). For example, if you use a two times extender (doubles focal length) you cut your light level by the

equivalent of two f-stops. So if you started with an f-1.2 lens your new f-number is 2.4 which is a 75% decrease in the amount of light available.


Our cameras are portable and can be placed anywhere on the premises.