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Applications for Security Camera 

With the tap of a finger. Honeywell's Total Connect App lets you control your Los Angeles home or business security camera system, receive text messages and e-mail alerts—even view live video, event-driven video clips and pictures. What could be more appealing than that?

Surveillance systems are evolving at a great pace and we are always on the look out for new features and applications.

If you own a restaurant or a bar you have already discovered that you must be tending your establishment by physically being present. Often you need to be monitoring the kitchen, front door, the bar not to mention the cash registers. Now imagine that you could do all of that when you are on vacation or from home you can receive an alert when vendors arrive, pan tilt zoom the cameras and you can even listen in and make comments remotely from your home or on the road. Our security cameras do a lot more than recording they report and alert you when there are specific activities observed by the security cameras. You no longer need to watch multiple cameras, the security camera system will do it for you and alerts you when you need to be notified. The possibilities are endless. Now you can operate many locations and be alerted only when there are specific activities of interest to you, let's say every time the cash register is opened or when your employees arrive and leave, not to mention losses and slip and falls

Be Sure to Control Camera 2, PTZ, Pan Tilt Zoom!
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