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Private Investigations Los Angeles

We are a Los Angeles California Private Investigations company (agency), state licensed as private investigators. Our company specializes in the investigation of all phases of Insurance claims. This includes but is not restricted to Surveillance/Sub Rosa; Worker’s Compensation Claims; Disability Retirement Cases; Subrogation matters; Casualty Claims and all other types of investigation including infidelity to background investigations and more.

Former law enforcement personnel, a Ph.D. in Industrial Management, a paralegal and a crime and intelligence analyst are included in our Los Angeles private investigator staff, and these individuals are now applying their strong investigative techniques in supervising our highly skilled staff. Furthermore, our employees are representative of the minorities; permitting us to investigate any situation; at any location, without fear of detection.

Our private detective agency handles all types of matters throughout Los Angeles and surrounding Orange County, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Ventura County and the entire state of California.

Once you contact our agency a seasoned detective will be able to discuss and guide you to the best course of action.

Although our city of angels, is full of glamour there is a dark side. LA is a vast metropolitan area which attracts all types of artists, some are con artists. Before you go on a date, give one of our private investigators a call. We offer very reasonable rates for simple investigations.

Before you get engaged or married know the true identity by contacting a Los Angeles based PI, it could save you a lot of aggravation and money in the long run.

Throughout our over 20 years of detective agency practice, we have seen it all.

Wonder about a cheating spouse, let us give our test, we will let you know what we think, then you decide.


Our operatives Los Angeles based PI ( Private Detectives) are fully trained in all facets of Claims Investigation with particular emphasis in Skip-tracing. We employ state of the art equipment and continue to educate all employees as to recent legal decisions as they occur.

We pride ourselves on the prompt reporting of results. Our in-house support staff expediting our formal reports accomplishes this.

As investigation professionals, working for professionals, we look forward to hearing from you to discuss the details of how we can best serve you.

Our Workers’ Compensation Department specializes in full and limited investigations.
An investigation can include:

  • In-person signed statements of claimants (with signed authorizations), employers and/or witnesses*
  • Photographs, diagrams, and inspection of work area or accident location
  • Subrogation investigation
  • Medical and Personnel records review by subpoena or obtained authorization
  • Doctor or medical personnel interviews
  • Police reports
  • Prior and subsequent employer interviews and records

Investigation reports culminate with an in-depth “Comments” section addressing available defenses, as well as offering suggestions for future case handling.

*Tape recorded statements are also available, when necessary.

Service of Process upon difficult locates or where indisputable proof of service is necessary. Preparation and service of Subpoenas Duces Tecum with complete review and digest of records retrieved.

Some items to subpoena:

  • Personnel files
  • Medical records
  • Matters of litigation

Accessing current information systems, our trained personnel locate missing witnesses, claimants, or insureds.


Trained personnel scour all public records to uncover background data. Research can be conducted throughout California and nationwide.

Available lists:

  • Fictitious filings
  • Business Licenses and D.B.A.’s
  • Police records
  • F.A.A. records U.C.C. statements
  • Corporate filings
  • Marriage records
  • Death records
  • Property Ownership
  • Civil litigation
  • W.C.A.B.
  • Federal Court filings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal litigation’s
  • Occupational licenses
  • Voters registration
  • S.E.C. records

Obtain records from treating facilities.
Verification of the appropriate treatment.
Check licensing/ownership of facilities involved.
Determine Board Certification of Physicians, as well as reviewing the licensing of physicians and assistants.
Verify time Doctor spent with patients for examinations.
Verify consultation with attorneys.
Resources are used to discover relationships between doctor-patient-facilities and attorneys.
How claimant was referred to particular facility.

In-depth investigation of third party liability issues including products liability/manufacturing defects as well as premises liability.

Investigations can include:

  • Tracing of ownership
  • Acquisitions
  • Product history
  • Product installation and/or modification
  • Photographs
  • Diagrams
  • Recreation of traffic accident scene(s)
  • Signed statements/ interviews of all interested/percipient parties
  • Determination of insurance coverage with all pertinent data

Up to date information on licensed drivers, or unlicensed with Identification Card, to facilitate subject identification.

  • Arrests
  • Convictions
  • Citations
  • Accidents
  • Aliases
  • License plates numbers of recently operated motor vehicles
  • Complete driving records and/or filed SR-1 reports via Subpoena Duces Tecum.
  • Current residential address available, if involved in Service of Process.


We retrieve current status of automobiles, trucks, trailers and boats. This data facilitates alphabetical identification as well as number registration.


All facets of liability investigation to include

  • Traffic Accidents
  • Reconstruction of scene
  • Witness location
  • Witness interview
  • Photography
  • Insurance fraud
  • Manufacturing
  • Building/ Planning
  • Design
  • Engineering

State of the art video evidence obtained utilizing specially equipped vehicles.

Specific filming for:

  • Claims of Disability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal Injury
  • Industrial Security and Loss Prevention

Agents are experienced in court testimony and procedures for review of video evidence


Agents conduct discreet neighborhood inquiries under suitable pretext to verify claimant habits, physical abilities, employment and other activities.
Furthermore, our employees are representative of the minorities; permitting us to investigate any situation, at any location, without fear of detection.


We can take care of process serving for you in the Stae of California. This service can be utilized for normal service or hard to locates.


Through our many sources of information, we are able to uncover assets and provide banking information for our clients as permitted by law.




We pride ourselves for providing fully trained and State of California trained security officers. We have provided security guard services to our clients throughout Southern California from our Los Angeles based security operation center for over 25 years.

Our security personnel are thoroughly screened including FBI and DOJ fingerprinting clearance and with extensive background checks.

We have ongoing training not limited to the usual standard training, but also post specific and on site training, as our experience has shown that this is a critical aspect to provide the superior security services our clients rightfully demand and expect and our companies understanding that each client has unique requirements to best serve their protection of people, property and assets.

Our officers are supervised continuously through our Marked Patrol Vehicle Supervisory units and in addition to GPS enabled tracking equipment, where we are able to monitor our personnel and their safety and attentiveness in real time.

Depending on the requirements of our client and the assigned post our Los Angeles based security guards are smartly dressed in our standard uniform, formal security uniforms or a more casual uniform, meantime abiding by all State and Local Law Enforcement standards

Our management team includes Former and Active Law Enforcement. Crime Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, and a Ph.D. in industrial management.

Our experience  along with our loss prevention track records with our insurance carriers enables us to provide superior security services at a competitive rate.

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